Crafty Christmas Ideas

By: Lauren Trulby

Hi my name is Lauren Trulby and this week I am the Middle School blogger. Christmas is just around the corner so I thought I would give some fun ideas about making easy Christmas craft.

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and even though it’s not till next month, I thought I could give you some ideas in advance in case you wanted to make them for your friends and family. I have created a video to watch with these easy Christmas gift crafts. I will be making a Christmas tree ornament, a cork snowman and a paper tree , click here if you’re interested.

I hope you enjoy my  video and find it helpful. I think it’s really important to do nice things for others and crafts are a great way to use creative skills to brighten someone’s holiday.  I hope this helps give you at least a few ideas to pass along to others.  Happy early holidays!

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