Hockey Pointers

By: Sofia Wagner

Hi, my name is Sofia wagner and I am this week’s blogger. I love to play hockey so I thought I would take you through to learn a little bit about it.

I started playing hockey when I was 8 and have loved it ever since. Hockey has been a big part of my life and I hope to show people how fun and interesting the sport is. Hockey originally started in Canada in the 19th century and has been popular worldwide ever since. There are many historical facts about hockey and it is cool to see how the sport has evolved over the years. Fact, no one is exactly sure when the sport of hockey started, there is only an estimated date and time that the first game of organized ice hockey was played in Montreal in 1875. Another fact is that the Stanley Cup has been around longer than the NHL. Like I mentioned, I love the sport.  I love to experiment with shots and different types of tricks so I thought I would show you a few in this video.

I hope you found my video interesting and that you learned a few new things about hockey that you didn’t know before. Thank you for watching. 

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