Podcasting Equipment

By: Finn Foley

Hey guys I am going to tell you about a few good audio interfaces to choose from whether it’s for Podcasting, Youtube, Songs, or anything else that supports an XLR cable.

I have a Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen Pre Amp and it works pretty well but I wish I knew more about audio interfaces before I bought it because the Scarlett does not have controls for an audio mixer, so your control with your microphone is very limited. Yes, it’s cheap for an interface but I think you could get something better for a little more money. I did a little research and found the GoXLR. The GoKLR has everything you need in a mixer and audio interface. There are even certain buttons to change your voice and block out swears. I wish I knew about the GoXLR before I bought the Scarlet. Yes, the GoXLR might be pricey at $400 but I do think this will be the best choice for anyone wanting to start a podcast. 

Another audio interface I’ve researched is the RODECaster pro. This is also a good choice for an interface/mixer because it has most things the KLR has and it even works better If you pair it with a RODE microphone. The RODECaster pro also has set configurations and places them on your mic for you, this creates the best sound quality. 

In conclusion on mixers, I would not recommend a Scarlett 2i2, but if your budget is that limited you can get one because it’s ok to start there. However, if you can expand your budget by a couple of 100 dollars, then I recommend a GoXLR or a RODECaster pro, especially if you have a Rode microphone.

For your Audio Interface/Mixer you will need a good microphone to capture your voice and produce clear and crisp sound to the world. A good recommendation for a mic is the Shure SM7B. This is a dynamic microphone that uses an XLR cable so you can use it with your audio interface. The Shure SM7B is a perfect choice for basically any audio interface. It comes with a built-in pop filter so it can reduce background noise and annoying sounds like lip-smacking. It also comes with an even bigger option to move up to so you can be sure there is no background noise. Another option for a mic is the Electrovoice RE20. This is a great microphone for the RODECaster pro because it is a Rode microphone so it has a preset for the best settings for that brand microphone. The RE20 also has great sound quality, perfect for anything you put in its way. 

So, there you go. That’s my advice to you on how to build a good quality setup for podcasting or anything you want to do involving people hearing you through a microphone. I wrote this blog to pass on the info I wish I new before I made my purchase. I hope this helps you to achieve the best professional sound for your buck.

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